Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Enterprise, Guyana

A Certain Level

I hadn’t had a real chance to walk along the sea wall; the wall which keeps ocean water from flooding in.  Guyana is a country that is below sea level, like the Netherlands and about thirty more nations.  The canals were built by the Dutch when they settled here in the 1600’s.

Walking, today, entailed moving on and off of canal streets, which are part of a grid system in the Georgetown area.  Today’s padayatra took us through the actual village of Enterprise.  Sounds like the name of a spaceship.

Unlike the Star Trek “Enterprise,” our moving along was not a smooth sail through outer space.  Our cast, including the chanters and walkers who accompanied, had more than speed bumps to contend with.  Some of the roadways on the grid really need to be leveled off.  Potholes are quite substantial on some streets.  Maneuvering the cart and ourselves around these craters was necessary.

Even on Friday the 13th, you’ve got to find your way around hurdles.  The biggest hurdle is the Kali Yuga itself, an age of confusion and darkness.  You do see elements of some base qualities in Guyana.  There are the opulent homes, while some are rather dilapidated.

Again, the people are really sweet in their receptivity.  Smiles and waves really make the day.  I don’t know if there are that many places on the planet which respond en masse so favourably, to a procession coming down their residential road.

May the Source be with you!

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