Thursday, 12 January 2017

Friday, January 6th, 2017

Montreal, Quebec

Review, Remind, Re-visit

I paid a visit to Advaita, who has this nice apartment with front angular windows just inches away from the pedestrian sidewalk on Pie IX Boulevard.  We chatted.  Whereas I remained single all these years, he spoke of his family life.  That venture didn’t pan out wholly successfully for him, but his devotions have remained rather firm.

He enjoys attending sadhana (spiritual workout) at the temple, a three minute walk away, and manages to catch the early 4:30 a.m. first session.  I applaud him for his determination.  In his late sixties, he relishes the sacred edge of life.  We both concluded that with the maturation of the body, there should be enhanced wisdom and increased feeding of the soul.

After the visit, I trailed north, looked at the fresh snow, the brightness of the sun and the impressive blue sky.  I became inspired to have more of that.  These elements of nature will not be just to glance at momentarily.  I will keep them company. The slush of yesterday and the ice of the day, prior, are history.  What a liberating feeling it was to take several city blocks.  And what to speak of addressing others on foot with a “Bonjour!”

Not all reciprocate, which is hard to comprehend.  Is life that grim that not even a peep of sound comes out?

In the evening, I facilitated a discussion on community development; the need is on how to establish deepened relations with each other.  Those who came for the chat were our own people.  The session was more of an in-reach as opposed to an out-reach.  With the assistance of a projector, we looked at the seven purposes of ISKCON.  Members of the Hare Krishna society would do well to review the direction we’ve agreed to follow. 

Reminders are for everyone.

May the Source be with you!

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