Friday, 6 January 2017

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

New Year’s Bash, Krishna Style
When the pictures on the wall hang crooked in the main temple room at our ashram, it simply means a big crowd occupied the space the night before.  Yes indeed, it was an attendance much like Janmasthami (Krishna’s Birthday).  Packed.  The pictures had swivelled.

How people find parking is a puzzle in my mind!  Parking is quite congested in the residential area we are in.  It does go to show something.  The festivals we pull off are quite attractive, even New Year’s.  In one way, we have transcendentalized New Year’s, and put a spiritual spin on it all.

How is that done?

Opening the year 2017, like any other, must have some features which draw the crowds.  First of all, the children from the community put on a marvelous presentation of a Krishna-centric nature.  Let’s face it, whatever kids do, it always melts hearts.  Secondly, a new drama was under the lights and on the stage.  Yes, the production “Mr. Puri,” scripted and directed by Yours Truly, was a devotional offering by cast and crew, highlighting the life of Saint Madhavendra Puri.  Lastly, excellent kirtan, led by godbrother Gaura and back-up drum enthusiasts, had the place on fire.

Honourable mention must go to the prasadam (sacred food), and charmer, Kevala Bhakti, the Emcee for the night.

In conclusion, New Year’s can easily be passed off as a mundane event (turkeys, booze and such) but if you allow spiritual rays to enter the mundane, then it all becomes highly spiritualized, taking on a new meaning.

May the Source be with you!

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