Friday, 6 January 2017

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Brampton, Ontario

Use or Lose

Gopal is a new student from India, who, in a matter of days, will enroll in and attend Centennial College.  He’s an expert mrdunga drummer.  I took him for his first-time-ever serious walk through Rosedale, just after a frenzied session in the kitchen.

Both of us assisted Subuddhi with her expert cooking, in an attempt to meet the demands of a glorious turnout of Govinda’s clientele.  Being still the holidays, a host of people decided to make Govinda’s their vegetarian destination for the evening, and all Gopal and I thought of was, “Help!” when the opportunity arose.  A stream of prasadam (sacred food) thus went from kitchen to dinner tables.

Many things get accomplished under pressure.  Our servers were pleased.  What can be said of team-work!

Gopal also accompanied me earlier on, along with Dhira, to a house warming in Brampton.  A family had moved into a new house in an area of urban sprawl.  This event entailed a talk, a chant and a bite to eat.  As mentioned before, Gopal is good on the drum.  His flick of the wrist, on the two mrdunga drum heads, moves at such speed that it’s hard to detect a hand at the end of the arm.  Kirtan was really enjoyed.

In the course of our ‘dark’ walk (meaning at night), I mentioned to him, “If you keep up your playing, you’ll always be expert.”  To which he responded, if walking is minimized in your life, you’ll even find our seven kilometre walk a burden.  This simple reminder of ‘losing it if you stop using it’ is hard-core reality, lest we forget that practice makes perfect.

Perhaps ‘perfect’ is a bit of an extreme word reserved for Bhagavan (God).  ‘Expert’ might do.

In any event, Gopal, teach your art to others.

May the Source be with you!

7 km

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