Friday, 6 January 2017

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Hastings, Ontario

The Need to be in the Country
There is nothing that beats going to the countryside, and better still, hanging out with a family of bulls and cows.  A small troupe of us made the drive to Govardhana Farms for the experiential slowing-down of things.  Fil and Sukayanti, a hard-working, serious couple, determined to make rural life work, hosted us for the lunch of the year, with their “beyond organic” tomatoes from their September harvest.  With the tomatoes, we had a reincarnated spicy, piping hot soup.

The couple’s darling twin daughters are up and walking after a year of human laps, floors and bed surfaces to offer them support.  The herd of thirteen bovines, plus looking after each other and the twins, is quite the load.  They are country bumpkins to a certain extent, but with the added sophistication of chanting and overall divine outlook.  Their spiritual life means a lot to them.  They rise early for daily mediations on the mantra before braving the chores.

We met Dr. Walsh, the local veterinarian, who paid a visit to nurse one of the bulls, sick with pneumonia.  The barn is a sure shelter for the guy and the rest of the group, comprised of Holsteins, Jerseys and more.

We stepped into plenty of plops; generous droppings of antiseptic substance.  Overall, our connection with these huge mammals offered us a fine form of therapy.  Rubbing the flabby skin under their necks is the fun and comfort they deserve.

Recently, someone in the city asked me, “What’s with the cows in your tradition?”—alluding to why they are so revered.

“One reason,” I said, “is, being in their company forces you to slow down.”

May the Source be with you!

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