Thursday, 12 January 2017

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Longdenville, Trinidad

The Beach and Beyond

With sporadic walking these days, stiffening of leg muscles in the colder climate (lest we not forget the aging factor), plus the addition of frequent flying, it behooves me to go for a good swim in a clean ocean bay.  And that, too, with a great amigo, Agnidev.

It is routine now.  The hour and some minutes drive to the coast of Las Cuevas is worth it for releasing muscle tightness and getting sun and sand.

We all know how nature is and how she turns.  Today she smiled.  Other days, she frowns and shows ugly teeth and whips things out at you.  With all her fuzziness, however, she is respected.

I was surprised, this morning, to read and lead the Bhagavatam discussion based on a verse I had almost forgotten about.  From Canto Five, Chapter 26, Text 38, we have a strong endorsement, coming from the teacher sage, Shukadev, that nature, understood to be the external display of the Creator, can be contemplated on, discussed and delivered to others as a form of consciousness raising.  Referred to as the great virat-rupa, one can hold a special place for that manifestation of natural force in the heart, and thus progress spiritually.  From this type of appreciation, one can eventually develop more longing for the persona of Absolute Power.

Most of us have met people who struggle with an attachment to deity power, rituals and so on.  Some may not even give credence to the light energy beyond us (brahmajyoti). But many people can, will and do in some way have great reverence for mountains, trees, rivers, the sky, etc.

May the Source be with you!

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