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Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Oakville Ontario

The Subject

I was telling a group of bhakti-yogis today about the main subject of our recent-most drama, “Mr. Puri.”

Mr. Puri is a light way of addressing Sri Madhavendra Puri, a man of 15th century India, who was your classic monk; one who roamed thousands of miles from one place to another.  Key places on his trail included Vrndavan in the north, Remuna in the east and the Malayan Hills, more to the south.

Also, to clarify his monastic-side, we hear from sources like the accounts of Krsnadas Kaviraj, that Madhavendra Puri travelled alone and with little.  Amongst his nominal belongings, he carried a small terra cotta pot which contained the most delicious kheer, (condensed milk).  The kheer was actually very popular.  After drinking that kheer the first time, Mr. Puri decided to break off a small morsel of clay and eat it as a prescription for his overall wellness.

For his personal deity, he travelled far and wide (on foot, of course).  One of his journeys took him to the hills to  fetch sandalwood, which has a powerful cooling effect when made into a paste and applied to the body.  He did have helpers to carry the supplies.  For the most part, he walked.  He walked a lot!  And this was done to please his deity and the people inclined toward devotion.

Madhavendra Puri was a very strong yogi, walker and devotee.  He is the subject of our play.

May the Source be with you!

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