Monday, 2 May 2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Krishna Robot

Toronto, Ontario

It was the first time I was called a "robot". What can you expect from a bunch of drunken party animals? When you're roudy and your faculty powers are somewhat distorted you become a little daring and bold in what you say to someone who looks a little different. I was trekking and chanting eastbound on St. Clair Avenue at 3:15 AM when the group passed by me in their vehicle. The simple thrill of name-calling for one take wasn't quite enough. The party U-turned a few times following my course and gave me more of the same. Oh well! What to do?

The day previous, early again, brought with it a different encounter. I trekked Younge St. near our temple ashram when a loud-speaking group huddled in slurred conversation when they stopped suddenly and gave out the happiest "Hare Krishna" you ever did hear. It was most welcoming.

What else to do with walking, encounters and monks? Well I'm happy to see two fine visiting brahmacaris, Dhruva and Yogendra, taking to a regular work-out which entails some yoga and varied forms of exercise. They came back from India rather sickly. I'm no doctor, but my layman's diagnostic says that they need to build up their immunity and strength. It is now a part of their schedule which I'm very happy about. After all, if you are in a spiritual institution you want to see it's members happy, holy and healthy.

We want to see strong robots for Krishna.

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