Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Nature and the Source

Toronto, Ontario

Oh, Nature! You are so interesting! Today you created a new surface on the sidewalk. With your wetness and your wind and your weight you hurled buds and blossoms to the ground, changing its colour and texture.

Crocs don't take a liking to the slippery dynamics you've created. One must walk with care.

Oh, Nature! Our guru used to trigger our thoughts when he asked, "Who's nature?" I have a nature, everyone has a nature. Sometimes people say Bhaktimarga's nature is so and so. That means it's the way I am. It denotes a unique attitude, taste, preference, etc.

When I think of nature, which you cannot avoid in the out-of-door, we see it as mysterious, unpredictable, sensational, flickering.

It's easy to give nature the adjective "divine", because there is something very pure about it, yet sometimes it turns against us. It kills us. It also gives us life. It is sometimes hard to figure out.

If we look to its source we may detect something wild and wonderful in it. Some Sanskrit words beginning with 'a' come to mind when deliberating on nature's source. Words such as ananta (unlimited), ajita (unconquerable), aja (unborn), adhoksaja (incomprehensible). There are so many words which describe nature's divine source.

Oh, Nature, as you move along, so many events pass with you. Damodhara and Radha Krishna were just married. Subuddhi is celebrating her birthday. Dave got out of prison. Someone is dying and someone is being born. you are the witness and the agent behind all of this. That is how it stays. Credit goes to the One who made you.

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