Friday, 13 May 2011

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Restless and Stormy

Moundsville West Virginia

The sun greeted us with a bleeding red. He moved so fast with a passion, above the hills summit. So impatient he was.

There was something in the air, in the night past, a restlessness that restricted a number of us from a good sleep. Rompada Swami was one of them along with myself. A lack of phyiscal activity and too much chair sitting for meetings will do that for me. Meetings can be a curse while they are necessary and a responsibility. It would be good to incorporate downtime or chill-out time doing something creative together as a group as part of our recession.

I was given a specific sedentary service in addition to six hours of sit down discussing by laws, trademarks, and also including more visionary subjects. I was asked to give class from the Bhagavatam Canto 10. And in the evening I was asked to offer the first grains (kheer) to the six month old Hladini. Her parents whose names are Mary and Hotus arranged a venue, as they are visiting from the Carolinas. The samskar(sacrament)annaprasanna was done. Simple but sweet was the method.

As the day began with passion, so did the night. Humidity attacked us all day and now for its grand finale thunder and lightening came to interaction. It was dramatic and eventually ceased to a calm.

6 KM

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