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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

The Word "Splendour".... Hmmm!

Toronto, Ontario

In reading a passage from the Gita, a purport Chapter 15.12 makes use of the word 'splendour' in a most appropriate way. When describing the sun as splendourous, it fits. When describing the moon, well, to use a secular saying, 'I'll drink to that'.

However, the Doubting Thomas in me surfaced when the word 'splendour was applied to electricity. The demon that I am rejected this choice of word used by my own beloved guru. The power of electricity would seem to be appropiate. That terminology or description would get my current going, but 'splendour'? No way, Jose!

When my dear visiting godbrother, Partha, described this phrase and expressed it in the context of of the Creator being the world's electrical source, then the light bulb inside suddenly lit up. Of course, that's it. When you plug it all into the socket of the Absolute it all takes on a different meaning. Out with the mundane thinking and on with transcendental vision.

In further deliberation on this topic I expressed to Partha one of the reasons for my passion for walking. "It brings you to the point of appreciating the word 'splendour'." When you get out you feel air, the sun, rain, snow. You see the sky, the stars, trees, grass, rivers flowing, etc. It's a confirmation of the might and beauty in our midst, the wonder and the splendour. When walking in the out-of-doors, everything starts to make sense.

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