Monday, 2 May 2011

Saturday, April 20th, 2011

The Glory of the Mic

Toronto, Ontario

One way to draw the public into chanting is to hold a microphone out as pedestrians approach and aim it towards their mouth. When put under the spotlight individuals appear to swiftly formulate a remark that is like a bullet but which is meaningful. I was somewhat selective when aiming as I said to the person, "Any quick message for the world?"

I was out at the corner of Spadina and Bloor Streets with a chanting party. I was leading the chant with a microphone attatched to a small Roland amplifier when I would hold out the device to a prospective candidate. Its somewhat unpredictible what people would say and you would expect being put on- the-spot and having a bunch of Hare Krishnas chanting in front of you that it would likely be a message of "love, peace, goodwilll" or just plain old "Hare Krishna!" That's what transpired.

That became our experience yesterday. With perfect weather in our midst and it being Saturday we found this a more inclusive approach and provided all the ingredients for positive remarks by the public. Of course, you must approach with a smile and then the contagion begins. Often times a chanting party puts itself out on-the-limb into an "us and them" type of paradigm. A gracious gesture of putting a mic to the mouth allows involvement. We found that people, in fact, felt honoured. It was a little trick that worked.

At dispersement time, 2:30PM, three participating monks and I walked the twenty minute convenient stretch back to the temple ashram in preparation for a great evening event.

I was handed a microphone once more for the day. At the temple some members had organized a cultural evening with Channdan Dance Co. and Toronto Tabla Esemble. Being the swami present, I was asked to express opening remarks. With that mic I was heard and with that mic I invoked a command.

All in the service of Him, of course.

9 KM

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