Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Stand But Be Tossed

Miami, Florida

Well, the earth still stands. Another Doomsday prophesy went up in smoke. We will hold our breath until a new one surfaces. In the meantime we shall chant and serve Krishna and the world.

I filled out the blue slip, a Customs form to enter the United States. The questionnaire asks if the purpose of the trip is business and I checked it as “No”. The actual intent of my visit to Miami was to offer and receive sanga, spiritual association. While in the air I considered that if the world dissolves would American Airlines Flight 2173 be immune to devastation? Where would we Land?

I did land and was welcomed at the Miami ISKCON Temple, newly painted and looking good. In the evening a town meeting was called or as we call it, Istaghosti, a gathering of devotees who were speaking from their hearts about what they love about the Temple and secondly, what areas need improving? It was a good exercise which involved people volunteering to assist in some restructuring. Now we merely need to see the follow-up. In the process, a few “trees were shaken” so to speak, meaning that in some indirect way, individuals were challenged. Again such an exercise is good.

As I was saying to Jonathan, a Krishna novice, who very enthusiastically took to walking with me and another monk, Johnudvipa, “It’s good for trees to be tossed a bit by the movement of the wind. It strengthens the tree.”

6 KM

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