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Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

In Order

Wheeling West Virginia

I don't always bother with names to county roads. We just walk them. Today the Miami crew and I took to the curvy northwest direction down a valley. We dropped in at a ghee factory and just beyond that a barn of mature cows and bulls, referred to as "aging cows"

Ghee, cows, country trails, walking. You can't get more satvic (mode of goodness).

For day two of Wheeling our chanting party set oursevles up at a park on the Ohio River. Not only was the spot more pretty than the previous day, people were also pleasant along the natural ambiance. A municipal statue of Walter Reuther, auto union leaders, and father of a friend, Lekhasravanti, looks over the the river.

It was the first time I had a violinst to play along as we broke from sitting. Allan a novice devotee of Puerto Recan decendt played a sweet violin as we passed by the city arena, and entered the "vibrant warehouse district".

I was rather pleased with his sound. It grabbed my attention a tough thing to do especially due to my meticulous nature when doing street chanting. Today as in all times in the public I insisted on a standard of discipline beginning with playing of the instruments to the way of the walking down the street. There must be some formation. I may tend to be a trite artistically militaristic about it. Our devotees are not always too accustomed to the approach.

"Two by two, two lines please." I shouted over their responsive voices to the mantra. Somehow they accepted the command until I must say it again because the lack of order has become a habit.

I believe in "Take order and there will be order."

12 KM

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