Monday, 9 May 2011

Friday, May 6th, 2011

"Im Here"

Moundsville, West Virginia

Im here to attend the Festival of Inspiration. My contribution is filled at the top of the attraction DRAMA. And so after a long over night drive into the U.S. and a brief rest our actor cast of 11 took seriously to a practice of this year's on-the-road theatrical presentation, "The Three Lives of Bharata."

Oh I felt guilt about the direction I gave in the practice. I expressed this guilt to a good friend here at New Vrndavan retreat centre which is set in the beautiful hills of West Virginia.

"No," he said reassuringly, "its necessary to be assertive at times."

"I believe I cracked the whip, so to speak, too hard at some of the crew," I confessed.

"As long as love is given in th same dose," he remarked

My inner-thought was "I hope I'm able to accomplish this so-so, half and half policy. Better figures would be 10-90.

I felt guilty about one more item - the lack of walking. What's to be done? It is very austere reframing this routine due to time taken in by car, air, train, or sailing. That type of travel can surely de-regulate the walking effort. It can also be a little selfish just taking yourself into consideration when visiting pilgrims want some attention. There might be five hundred of them this weekend and there are five swamis to be divided amongst them.

This is the life of sacrifice so when you want your serenity much of this serene mess msut be re-defined to include interaction with pilgrims.

3 KM

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