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Friday, May 27th, 2011

I was there before

Sault Sanit Marie, Ontario

It's an approximate 1,700 km to Thunder Bay, which I venture to every year for a Yogafest. Devotees volunteered to act, dance, and sing at the program which is now in its fifth year, a rental car got us to this northern city which promotes itself as "Superior by Nature." "Superior" refers to the gigantic lake at whose head it rests and "Nature" defines the unique wilderness around this town of 100,000 people.

We stopped at the midway point at what is the city of Sault Saint Marie and what people call the Soo. A Gujarati family hosted us for lunch. It was stops like this as well as gas up time or nap breaks that allowed me the chance to hit the road for walking installments.

Wow! We spotted bears along the way, four of them. I also looked at places as we whizzed by on the Trans Canada Highway, places that struck a memory chord. There's what's left of the abandoned barn where I managed to catch a rest and there's the stream where I swam with George; yogi George who I learned recently found frozen to death as he lay down some where in the Alps. And there are the wetlands near Agawa where we harvested cattails and wild sweetpeas to cook and consume while living in our simple style on the road. And as we approached Old Woman's Bay I recall the location on the highway where a police officer was very belligerent with me. On the lighter side there were silly signs, moose droppings and inookshooks, rock men.

The scenery really is stunning and makes what would normally be a long gruelling drive a rather pleasent excursion. Luckily I was able to knock off nine km for the day. It's all the mercy of Krishna.

9 Km

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