Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Different But One

Toronto, Ontario

These days I don't have to feel guilty about being like an animal. How so? Well, when taking to walking I have not always a set route to take. I meander any street and follow any wayward direction. It's animalistic. It's fun and adventurous. I do make sure to stay on sidewalks though, and avoid trespassing.

These days I don't have to feel guilty about chanting my mantras with some volume while walking. In these times every other pedestrian makes noise talking by themselves. Of course, they are on their cell. And they are rather loud about it. The culture is definitely changing with so many wires and gadgets to be connected to.

These days I don't have to feel shy about being dressed in traditional attire. The world with its cosmopolitan flavour welcomes the diversity. And so when I went to the dental clinic, the employees there and patients smile but don't bat an eyelash over the "different look" because that notion is dissolving. You have got so many people in any given place that are so diverse in belief and look that anything goes.

Personally, I like it this way. The variagatedness is like on of those ice cream shops with multiple flavours - an incredible range - and yet its all icecream. To draw perhaps a cheesy analogy, humans have become quite diverse in look and outlook and yet we are all humans.

Nay, we are all spirit souls.

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