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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Committed Couples

Moundsville, West Virginia

There have been alot of talking about parenting, coupling, and overall healthy relationships. Husbands and wives have united here at ISKCON's Moundsville country retreat, New Vrndavan, to take advantage of the seminars, a spin-off of "The Festival of Inspiration." These seminars are basically a reinforcement of the family unit. Called the Grhasta Vision Team these successful couples from various locations in North America do not exactly renew their marriage vows from decades past but they are here priming themselves for marriage counselling to others.

There is a great need-an understatement.

My personal admiration goes out to the cause and to those who have taken it up. It is a brave challenge. The war on the family is on. The state of ruined relationships that had potential to survive is disheartening. However, in spiritual circles such as the Grhasta group (grhasta meaning married person) is created.

This past weekend, and the follow up last two days have been encouraging for hopeful future couples as mentors sharpened their tools. I have sat in on some of these seminars as time allows and have come out feeling that warriors against the weakening of families are now well prepared.

I have made one observation about a couple I adore who are just totally committed to each other. I see them ever day in the waking hours as I do my walk, a loop around the lake.

This morning they were sitting together. Usually he was swimming in that very lake at whose edge they live. He enjoys the swim, actually more of a glide, while she is under a tree resting. He is most patient and she, maybe more. There on a pile of her homemade nest she roosts. She's expecting. She's a swan, a white swan and so is he. Each night they rest by each other's side expressing full loyalty.
Good role models, I'd say

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