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Friday, May 20th, 2011

What to Do About Doomsday Scenarios

Milton, Ontario

She is a young mother who was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. The news hit her with gloom. Her husband was extremely supportive while their young son, age 4, knew little about what’s going on.

Fortunately with treatment and a whole lot of care and encouragement from the community (and God) she is now cleared of cancer. In appreciation of the remarkable support from all, the couple hosted a satsang (spiritual gathering). I was asked to attend, to speak, to chant. By the end of the evening the couple expressed their gratitude to all. The gloom was gone.

As I had wound up my talk speaking from the Gita 10:8 I asked for questions and a gentleman raised his hand. His question was, “What do you think about the doomsday theory? According to one group tomorrow the world ends.” Smiles came to the faces of some while others looked rather unphased.

My answer: Doomsday is everyday. We can die at any moment. We can prepare ourselves for that personal time in crisis, however Chant with an open heart. Fix the mind on the absolute. There is no reason to believe that May 21st is an apocalyptic date. Nothing verifies that from a Vedic perspective but what is certain is that each and everyone of us is mortal. Let’s immerse ourselves in a culture of encouragement and service for His pleasure.

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