Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Both Sides of the Creek

Moundsville, West Virginia

Water trickled down along the cliff's edge. There has been an excess of rain and hence water starts travelling downward from high above to hit different elevations before reaching the creek below, a local waterway that determined the reversal of my walking direction.

I met Adi Garee at the creek with his young son and daughter. "I walk here everyday to challenge diabetic inclinations" he said.

"You are wise to do so," I said. "What is the name of the dirt road that we were on?" I asked.

"I don't think it has a name so you can name it. Some people call it Creek Road , but you can give it a name," he said as if it would be a secret I thought.

"This wouid be an honour." "Wet Road" or "Mud Road" "How about Jewel Road named after all the jewel weed growing along it's side?" So at least between he and I we left it at that.

A vehicle stopped at the creek where we chatted. It was on to the home of Yudhisthir, a resident of the area. I had been invited to what's called an "electric kirtan" with lead singer Tee Kay. Getting on board allowed me to pass the creek "no bridge lies here you have to drive through it"

Meetings all day at the Krishna Lodge were meaningful, a major topic being "how to address the needs of our two current audiences, "Hindu and western" but it was the third day of a long session and by its end I started to get restless. Visiting Yudisthir who an expert at tunnel construction (he's gone through 15 different wheel barrows moving tunnel dirt), meeting the great people at his home and listening to plugged bhakti music was just what this monk needed to finish the day with calmness.

But let me report on the initial steps of the day's walk before I close on these words. Our dear divine couples, Mr. and Mrs. Swan, now have babies. Four eggs hatched and as I was about to turn the curve on the path at their nest I heard the chicks showing signs of life.

What does this day bring to mind? Someone is born and someone will die, and someone else will try to make sense of the two. That inquiry can lead to an epiphany of life.

8 KM

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