Friday, 27 May 2011

Wednesday, May 15th, 2011

A Soul

Toronto, Ontario

He was about ten years my senior and as my pace for walking overtook him I had many questions and thoughts milling through my mind about him.

Is he homeless? No! He's dressed rather well to mediocre. He was hobbling. There was a sadness about him. His head was bent by the neck tilted to the side and almost resting on his chest as he walked. Something clinically not perfect here. I wanted to make eye contact, to offer at least a nod but he was set in moving ahead and didn't notice me. It wasn't really an aimless walk. In fact he forged ahead reather determinedly.

I meandered several streets chanting on my beads when I came upon him again. This time it was face on but he still didn't notice me. It seems he was on a wayward whimsical route as well. I looked back as he trailed his way down a lonely street with a hobble and his head buried to his chest.

It was night. Where was this soul going? I only imagined he has a history and a karma that is unique to anyone else. Whether it is to be shared or not who knows? It crossed my mind that he knew pain. I admired him though for his walking about -- this mystery man. "He's making the best use of his situation," I thought.

Krishna, please bless him. Bless him a lot. He may have no friends except for you.

6 KM

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