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Saturday, May 28th, 2011


Thunder Bay, Ontario

At the fifth annual Yogafest in Thunder Bay our small cast will present the BHAKTI aspect of the six hour show. I tell people, "You've heard of the DaVinci Code right? Well we are presenting Chaitanya's Verses." This is a 10 minute dance piece that seems to excite audiences wherever we take it.

Godruma Goura from Pennsylvania and Anthony from Ottawa are the two dancers that move through and dance out the illuminating verses, 8 in number, to accompany them in a second drama, "the Jagannatha Story" are Madurya Shakti, a Concordia U. theatre student and Nitai Priya, a multi - talented performer.

I had a look at the local university paper, "The Argus." It appears that crime is an issue in this city amongst youths. So, I thought about it. There's a perfect way to engage the wild nature of early adulthood -- take to some performance. Look at what you have -- youthful energy and channel it through dance, song, drama, music, martial arts.. Organize yourselves ( or allow yourself to be organized ) by grouping with peers for the purpose of striving for excellence. Establish a synergy and send a message of consciousness - raising to the public.

Before treating our crew to a reshowing of the film, "The King's Speech" (an inspiring piece of art) and rental courtesy of our host, Dr. Jani, I read a portion of the book, "Krishna, the Spreme Personality of Godhead". Although the episode of "Krishna" which we read captured Him in a setting with his friends in a younger than adult age, the point of teaming, grouping (whatever you wish to call it) was something He was immersed in. The point is that in His life, Krishna endowed playing or working together with peers in some sort of wholesomeness. Much can be said about the downside of the duldrums of dark - room computerism and texting endlessly by virture of being outdoors and making the best of it.

I believe it is a strong message that needs reiterating. Explore the out-of-doors and/or take up projects that build teamwork. It's so important in building up a healthy and strong social-intercourse for the world. And that is what we should all be aiming towards.

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