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Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I Had Mentioned

Toronto, Ontario

I had mentioned about and idea for a new play, something to do with an android that was cloned from a real human if that’s even possible. “The idea arose when I was walking”, I said as I confirmed it to three persons at a play practice. The most inspirational times for me, so it seems, are when I’m in the middle of a rehearsal or when I’m walking.

Oh, and it can also happen during kirtan chanting, in front of deities or while devotionally dancing. The more I think aobut it the more I realize that a light bulb can turn on in the head at almost anytime. At least I would like to believe that inspiration comes often when strolling or trekking. Reflection is deep at that time. I recall conceiving the idea of a cross country walk while I was walking. And then there’s the stayovers in Ottawa. One of my favourite routes of all is the trek along the Rideau and Ottawa Rivers and including Parliament Hill. It’s an impressive trail. It’s a well known fact that the country’s most popular Prime Minister, Trudeau, took a walk on this trail during a snow storm and got the inspiration to quit his job, which was a long reign.

I reflected on my time in Mauritius which was recent. While walking Bloor Street in mid evening, I got jacked up just thinking about the enthusiastic walkers there. Then my mind shifted to photographed images of our guru, Srila Prabhupada, walking on the boardwalk of the Beaches in Toronto in ’75. That alone inspires me to continue the promenade.

I sometimes see people depressed. Even one of our monks was feeling down the other day and I urged him, “You need some inspiration. Go for a walk.” He eventually did and felt better.

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