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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The Topic of Sex

Toronto, Ontario

A few days ago three devotee married men asked me my opinion about sex and science.

"They have done scientific studies, Maharaja, and have concluded that sex is good for your health and overall well being."

There, they said it and wanted me to give a response to this incredible endorsement by the scientific community.

"Well, you are talking to someone who had no experience in this life," I said to which they laughed. I continued, "Did the voice of science say anything about the physical and psychological benefits of sticking to one partner?"

"No! This was not their agenda."

"Exactly," I said. "Moral issues are not to be discussed. There is no objection to sex as explained in the Gita but attaching parameters to deal with the sex appetite is addressed."

I went on to express that the average person would love to be given the green light to do any old damn thing unrestrictedly. After all someone is making money on your promiscuity. The criterion for what is right and wrong is measured so often by "Will it make me a buck?" After all, capitalism prevails, doesn't it?

To my dear friends who brought up the topic I suggested to concentrate on a spiritual focus and remind each other that their kids love you for being loyal in the relationship with their mother.

Will science speak of value? No, because it is so often data working without heart.

Let us look at deep, sublime love with the Supreme, beyond romance and stimulation. Not that these realities do not exist. Let's get the priorities right.

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