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Monday, April 25th, 2011

Sweat and rain

Durban, South Africa

The Easter Monday marks the last of the four day Ratha Yatra festival in Durban. The numbers have been big, tens of thousands each day. And the ecstasies... there are plenty.

I particularly relished the Youth lounge where dance sessions to go to the beat of multiple djimbe players. Despite lack of air in the scrawny tent youths in the age of 16 and above(not strictly enforced) were jiving with the mantra. It was a sweet experience.

Over the four day phantasmagoria we alternated on two dramas for the larger tent which seats 1200 or more. Scheduled as the last item this time a lot got filled up in full capacity seating of spectators. Godrumagoura, who I see like a son, played out his roles well in the Vishnu story, "Gods and Demons" and in "The Jaganath Story". We also managed to insert a ten minute dance where he partners with African born Prema Vikas in a piece called "Chaitanya's Verses". Well done, Gour and Prema. Audiences were pleased.

Mother Nature did not let up tonight to add to all the ecstasies. Rain drenched the place located just a short Jaunt from the newly built Stadium, established for last year's soccer world cup. The down pour only added to the fun.

And you know, when dealing with nature as it is with its dualities you never hop into a bowl of roses. I had my issues with the technical guys on lights and sound. The Bhagavad - Gita states that this world is dukha (pronounced dookha) meaning there is a shore of misery. You can never expect to step into perfection in our mundane world. Let's end the naivete and get real. We have some work to do before we reach a resemblance of perfection. The final kirtan chanting with Madhava from Switzerland and B.B. Govinda, dear friend from the early monk days in Toronto put a nice closure to the weekend and creating a close - to - perfect scenario.

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