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Friday, April 22nd, 2011

What Students Said

Durban, South Africa

I received some messages of appreciation from students at
Notre Dame Secondary school in Brampton, Canada.
Irresistible for me to share just four of them for brevity
sake I also left out the names.

“Hi, how are you? I am a student at Notre Dame and I would
like to thank you for coming to our school. I would like
to say Thank you because you took time from your life to
come and talk to us and answer a lot of questions I didn’t
know the answer to. I didn’t really know about the clothes
you wear and that you can use your clothes for preaching
but now I understand. I love your song that you taught us
and have a great day”.

“Namaste Bhaktimarga Swami,
Your visit in our school was a great privilege that our
school had. Yoga was a very good exercise that you taught
us. It seemed to have fixed my back problem. Overall,
doing yoga made me feel rejuvenated which I thank you for
teaching. You have taught us a great deal of how to become
spiritual and how to enjoy being spiritual. I had so much
fun dancing and chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra with you.
You were very good at drum playing even you stated that
you weren’t. I feel very humbled when you shared your
experiences with us and about your life. It was very
interesting that you walked for countless miles of
distance in a variety of countries. Thank you for taking the
time to visit our school and I wish you safe and happy
travel and pilgrimage”

“Dear Bhaktimarga Swami,
I had a great time when you came by Notre Dame. Your
chanting and dances where so interesting. Your way of life
is inspiring, it makes you think more about your spiritual
self and makes you search deeper within. It helped open my
eyes and show me that being a monk look quite fun.”

…and just one more….”

“Hi Bhaktimarga Swami,
It was a great pleasure to learn about your religion and
your everyday lifestyle as a monk. Before you visited, I
never actually knew what a monk did or what their purpose
was I think it’s wonderful how inspired you guys are in
keeping the world a more peaceful place. “

Comment: after receiving these letters and more, it
increased my love for my life.

8 KM

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