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Friday, April 8th, 2011

Another Cool School

Brampton, Ontario

I really like these school engagements. Today I found myself with Rajasuya from our ISKCON Brampton centre at Notre Dame Secondary School. The teacher, Judy Bella, was most gracious and she arranged for our presentation in the school's chapel. It's a great space.

With chairs at the perimeter of the room ample room was there for students in two periods to be briefed on the yoga asana of the lotus posture. I also led them through salutations to the sun, but the real highlight was the chanting of Hare Krishna (as usual) and the dancing that accompanied it. And through the talk when mentioning about doing three cross Canada walks the eyebrows rose.

In my travels in the west it's common to hear about guys, boys or men in general, having a bad rap. It's less prominent in eastern countries. Indeed, when Raja and I first entered the school and waited at the main office to be shown the chapel, a young male student came in and expressed his anger with a brunt, something I wasn't expecting. It's not always a super trait of glory that guys demonstrate.

Overall, what impressed me is in both classes that I gave that some of the boys stood out to be real gentlemen. You could pick out three or four that were like that. And that's not to say the girls were bad at all I would give credit to Judy and staff, and of course, parents of those teens, what to speak of the male teacher who told the outburst boy to behave. Good job done!

It's important to observe trends amongst our young.

Sadly, though, as Judy was telling us, technology has got them. After school hours like a noose (my words) video games lock kids in a cell and that's voluntary. we discussed with Judy after the class that for young men, over exposure to these gadgets causes a lowering of the sperm count. We don't know yet the damage for girls.

Judy is like Raj and I. We're into the outdoors, countryside and walking trails. That is so much what this blog is about. It's about getting out and getting a life.

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