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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

The Aim of the Game

Markham, Ontario

India won the cricket game against Pakistan. And so I am hearing a lot about that from members who have had their eyes glued to the screens.

The cousin to cricket is baseball something I'm a little more familiar with. Bhakta Kurt, a young monk from Victoria strolled with me along our neighborhood residential alleyway when we came upon a father and his young son engaged in pitching and batting a ball. The young boy very spontaneously said to dod when he peered at our robes, "Why are they like that?"

"They're Hare Krishnas." The father kept on talking to educate his son as Kurt and I gave a nod.

Just an hour later Kurt and I made our way down the Don Valley Parkway in individual cars,yet we saw the same thing- India cricket fans showing off national pride with flags of India poking out of automobile windows.

Sports are an amazing pre-occupation for the public. If only spirituality had as much popularity. I see though, that both athletes and practitioners of faith can get spoiled. As I heard one Hindu say just this morning, "All mandirs (temples) are after money." That's why some people prefer to have allegiance to spirituality as opposed to churchianity or religion. Indeed the path of the Absolute can lose its luster at times.

Sports have become much like that- big money makers. Big commercial ventures. The "sport" is often taken out of the game like God is often removed when there is too much dogma or commercialism.

What does it take to bring integrity back to a game or a faith? Perhaps a re-evaluation of things. Look at your intent. How are you scoring? More internally of course.

Krishna edges Arjuna on in the Gita, saying to His warrior friend to play the game of fighting fairly and as best as can be and the results are to be regarded as secondary. Take up duty. Do not consider the happiness or distress behind it. Krishna is pushing for sincere endeavor always- to make the right aim.

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