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Thursday, April 21th, 2011

The Travelling Monk and Walking Monk Meet

Durban, South Africa

I had a few minutes with Indradyumna Swami, an American born
monk and a good friend of mine. He is dubbed as the
Travelling Monk. At 61 he’s doing well in body, mind and
spirit. As is customary for Krishna monks

He chants tons but for body he might do thirty laps in the
pool. He complimented me for my physical commitment to
walking. He felt it was our duty as leaders to convey to
the next generation how important is the health for the
sake of service and becoming an aid rather needing it.

If we were on a good regiment for balancing our physical
and spiritual fitness when we joined the mission four
decades ago we would have less casualties amongst our
ranks. Our generation, the flower child Pepsi generation
may be considered a rather careless group. Amongst our lot
a good number have passed on at an early age. This is
interesting. I am personally not shy to bring up the issue
of good health and insert it into a class on bhakti-yoga.

A person remarked to me the other day after having my talk
at a Sunday open house, “we never heard a Maharaja speak
about health”. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons for a
high rate of the infirm amongst our age group.

Now what else about Indradyumna Swami who is rather fit?
Well he stages entertainment in Poland, Australia, South
America, India in spiritual flavor. It’s unique. He has
this exotic variety show complete with martial arts, and
the passion of drama, bharat natyam dance and more. It’s a
two hour bedazzling experience. Indradyumna is in South
Africa for a relaxer from his travelling road show. It’s
another one of those things we share in common ground. He
remarked, “you and I go around and put on shows.”
“That’s fair,”I thought, “We do share this similar

I guess we both get that buzz from seeing the public
become not only entertained but elevated in consciousness.
All success to your shows, Indradyumna Swami. Wish the
same for me!

16 KM

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