Monday, 25 April 2011

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Good news from the Island

Durban, South Africa

“Wow!” I say.
I picked up off the internet a poster welcoming Mauritian
Islanders to a Saturday and Sunday Walk for Spiritual
Awareness. Departure on Saturday is 5:15 AM and Sunday at
3.30 AM with an attached itinerary and including a
spiritual program on the road as you trek.

“These guys are on fire,” is my response. I’m impressed.
They are really taking off. Of all places in the world,
this tiny it-takes-less- than-two hours-to-drive-across
island might be the right place for regular walkathons.

Where would you find a place when there is some foot travelers on
the main secondary roads where motorist are so kind and
virtuous. They do not honk their horns, and veer around
the pedestrians. They don’t seem inconvenienced. No swear
words are hurled. It’s quite an amazing place I’ve found.
And here they are organizing themselves for such a unique
kind of weekend fun. I wish them all blessings, and luck. Team leaders are Sukadev
and Ram Vijay. I say to them “May your flames be
contagious. And may the enthusiasm be sustained.”

When in Mauritius a week ago I heard from several people
that morning sadhana (service) were a little laid back at
the three island temples. Perhaps the early morning
marriage of physical and spiritual exercise will change
the perspective on “morning sadhana”. Let the road be the
weekend temple. Why not?

10 KM

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