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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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Do Something That Excites


It happens infrequently but there are times when I feel trite and dried-up. This life of bhakti is very exhilarating, but there are moments when the fuel seems to run out. Such slump periods are only beckoning for a slight change in the grasp for fresh air.


I have found over the years that I sometimes have to shift gears and do something that excites. For me that is drama. Steven, Balarama and Savyasacin came over last night, masked, and we began to go over our lines on the latest production, “Rolling the Dice.”


Essentially it is a story of greed. I am reminded of the play, “The Little Foxes” by playwright, Lilian Hellman. Whether it is Duryodhana in the Mahabharata or Regina in “The Little Foxes”, the lust for power or position are at the heart of this “want.”


Our endeavour, theatrically, is a service and an offering to Krishna. I recall how fond our guru, Prabhupada, was of dramatical presentations. That then became an impetus for me to give some attention to this very special service.


Duryodhana has a blind father, who happens to be the king. Being blind, physically and spiritually, can be most overbearing. As the story goes, the whole population of the kingdom suffers for this. Whatever the leader does, in their behavior and decisions, impacts all the citizens. When Krishna reigned as king of the district of Dwarka the people were very content. They loved him.


May the Source be with you!

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