Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Wasaga, Ontario


We Pulled Up


Vishal, from Toronto, and I pulled up at Jiva’s beach home, just after ploughing through a massive puddle of storm water. I had informed Vishal of the scary news, that another one of our senior monks was tested positive for Covid 19. However, Gopal Krishna Goswami is fairly stable at the moment. Like a wave that comes at you, like a surprise, we did not anticipate another swami would be stricken with the virus.


On the way up to Wasaga, Vishal and I had a conversation—a good one—the theme of which was “you can know your scripture, you can know your rituals and have many verses memorized, you can know all the etiquette and protocols, but in your heart of transformation, do you know how to be kind and caring to others?”


Vishal and I continued to have great discussions with Jiva, both before and after our swim. How to understand life? What is our purpose and contribution to the world? There are ugly truths existing; issues, both political and social. Can we affect a change?


From Jiva’s home we visited his wife, Sita, at her farm. There is luxuriant growth of veggies including hemp. We trekked a distance of the hundred acre property. Wild grapes, sumac, cattails and all wild plants are abound. No pesticides.


On our return to Toronto we stopped at the farm in Caledon. To our surprise Vishal (another one) was sitting beside a distraught cow—Durali. She is suffering from trauma since her mother Durga died. She also gave birth to a bullcalf – Subhal. Perhaps post-trauma from this experience also struck her. She hasn’t eaten substantially in 10 days. We hope she makes it.


May the source be with you!

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