Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Oakville, Ontario


Gathering Good


My feet didn’t go far today but, on a set of wheels, I did venture to Oakville. We were going to have our first ISKCON Oakville gathering but due to the number of Covid-19 victims rising, that was canceled. It was regrettable, however, Kasyapa and Panchami saved the day. This couple, who have successfully run a centre in Saskatoon for eight years, are back in the Greater Toronto Area, and they opened up their home for a smaller group event.


I asked them if I could bring Cameron, Chris, Nick and Christopher to their home, because each and every one of these guys are quite sincere about their spirituality. Each one of them are serious about their japa chanting. That makes them special.


We sat down—one Indian family, a Mauritian family and then the four younger Caucasian guys—and listened or followed the verses from chapter eleven of the Gita. This chapter clearly stands out with its visually sensational display of magnificence. I correct myself though. Because we were a diverse group, we’re good. Nick is Guyanese. He treated us with his ukulele playing, along with the maha-mantra chanting.


Kasyapa and Panchami’s daughter is great with colour and paint. She gave me a gift of a Krishna image. She has a knack as an artist, with a unique style. Thank you, Radhika. And thanks, all, for a lovely evening.


May the Source be with you!

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