Friday, 11 September 2020

Monday, September 7, 2020

Thunder Bay, Ontario


By the Falls and Friends


It has been relaxing here for me, and also for Ananda, who came from Regina. Both of us are getting some walking in—a piece of trail here or there. A treat was to get to Kakabeka Falls, which translates as “steep cliffs.” That they are. It’s always inspiring to be at this location, where I marvel at the cascading Kaministiquia River.


A twenty-five minute walking trail is connected to the falls, as an added feature. A sweet smelling boreal forest cuts the high winds of the day and makes you appreciate trees evermore.


A second crack at walking was at Fort William’s International Friendship Garden, where communities who came as immigrants all settled in the area and contributed some icon to represent their country. There is Slovenia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, China, India, Netherlands and so many more. The area welcomed people here from around the world, who then worked hard to establish themselves. It puts me to shame. My meager walking today is so little compared to what people have done to ground themselves into their new home at Lake Superior.


There’s always interactions with people. Two young girls, with their granddad, wanted to know about the orange colour, about the monastic lifestyle, etc. Ananda, Prem and I pitched-in to explain and clarify the foundation of a spiritual life. They were young, just ready to prepare for going to a French-immersion school two days from now. I hope they learn their French and also about rivers, waterfalls, trees and trails.


May the Source be with you!

4 km


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