Monday, 7 September 2020

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Christie Pits, Toronto


To Encourage the Practical Connections


The very good news we received is that Gopal Krishna Goswami, who was Covid 19 positive, is now safe, returned from the hospital, and is placed in a restful situation in Delhi. The collective prayers by devotees worldwide have had their effect. We are grateful to God!


Our staircase kirtan, over the past few days, have been dedicated to his recovery and today a few more participants came around, specifically for the experience of chanting; some of whom come for a meal at “Govinda's” as well as chances for chanting on the side. Pedestrians noticed. Neighbours are approving by their nods. Motorists who stop at the corner, where the kirtan is vibrantly alive next to them, become surprised that someone is out there singing. What for? That’s anyone’s guess.


Of those chanters, a third of them came to also accompany me on my japa walk to Christie Pits Park, including Chris from Hamilton. Rain descended, but in spurts. Actually the cool wetness was very much welcome and it was as if the gods from heaven were showering flowers upon us.


We met with Vishal at Christie Pits Park and we indulged in our usual topic of community development; especially in the rural areas. Being in the core of the big city, despite having green space, we are far removed from farmland. However, we concluded that it is a challenge for most people to take to the simple life, although it is possible to encourage practical connection between the urban and the rural. May divinity be at their centre.


May the Source be with you!

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