Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ballantrae, Ontario


New House — Go Spiritual


Kishor and Nita, as well as their son (a master chess player) and daughter, made a great move. It became official, or at least a spiritual venture, today as it was the blessing of their new home in Ballantrae. It’s a new subdivision, with trees and trails all around. I couldn’t, as a guest, manage to find time for trekking on any of the trails, but I did participate in the fire ceremony indoors. That’s the way it’s done at such a home’s blessing.


With the influence of Covid 19, a limited number of people were able to participate. The house is large enough to accommodate 100 people. We endorsed “the move” with Agni, fire, and also mantra chanting.


Most often weekends are for community endeavours, for home blessings like this. Home owner Kishor, who was a happy man at the conclusion of the ceremony, expressed, “We can use the space for future devotional gatherings.” This adds another home to our list of houses used for this purpose. Our congregants are absolutely crazy about using their space for God. To me, it’s a good sign. There’s got to be something holy going on in this frustrated, confused world.


While mingling some of the attendees spoke about the shooting in Wisconsin, by a white officer on a black man, and this escalated the already agitated social strife in the States. It was a sobering moment over a delicious meal.


Speaking of color, one Zoom call today was with a group of people who wanted to know of Chaitanya. Our themed message was “From black to gold.” Chaitanya had a gold complexion and he was an incarnation of the very beautiful and dark-complexioned Krishna.


May the Source be with you!

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