Friday, 26 May 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lexington, Nebraska

The Place Was Cool To Us

Bob Brogan of KRVN Radio found me at the east end of town just where the sidewalks begin, and asked a number of questions including how we funded our operation. I explained that through some initial seed capital, speaking engagements, and the kindness of people along the way, we manage. And I gave the example of the woman who pulled along the shoulder of Hwy 30 and offered a ride. I told her I am walking to San Francisco and she pulled out a twenty.
Bob also wanted to know if we are aiming to create a specific awareness by doing this walk.
“Yes, I'm looking to promote a Walking Culture, being mindful, taking care of ourselves, and of course, there’s the spiritual side….”
Kevin, from the Lexington Clipper, also had a list of questions, and that was good. At break time, in a  park, we met Ann who works at a senior’s home. She was intrigued, and in her own funny way, slipped out the word damn, and then covered her mouth. She's very animated in her conversation.
“We’re not offended. Our Guru (Srila Prabhupada) would use it sometimes in certain contexts.”
We also met Al on Road 759, way out in the country, where I prefer to walk to avoid the ‘Terrible Tilt’ of the highway’s shoulder. Al was all excited about the walk and talked also about the cattle business. I just walked past a massive number of beef cattle.
“How many do you have?” I asked.
“Here,” he said, pointing, “we have 35,000 and on another plot we have 21,000.”
Al was really friendly; kind to talk to me and the boys. Thus far, folks have been great to us, including the many Mexicans, and also Africans in traditional Islamic garb.

May the Source be with you!

20 miles

Editor’s note: Correction for May 23rd post. The Beacon Observer was misnamed as the Beacon Publisher. Our apologies for any confusion.

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