Sunday, 14 May 2017

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Sweet Guy!

Today marks the birthday of Dharmaprana.  If you ever want to meet someone who is super-positive then that would describe him.  He turned sixty-eight today. He suffered a stroke years ago, which hampered his speech and movement, but such occurrences never soured this man.

Dharmaprana is actually a monk residing in our ashram in Toronto.  He manages to get around with his daily walks.  I believe he sustains himself through the routine walking in the residential and downtown areas.  Whomever he meets, always receives a heartfelt greeting from him.  It could well be that one of the reasons people like to visit the ashram / temple is because of him.  He’s very good at reminding people to be not only optimistic but spiritual, as well.  He gets you to say, “Hare Krishna,” “Prabhupada,” and “Radha Ksirchora Gopinatha (the presiding dieties).”  He keeps us on our spiritual toes.

Naturally, a birthday party was thrown in his honour.  The prasadam (food) was ultra-rich, with cake and everything North-Indian style, and lasagna added on.  It was so rich that it warranted a walk (for me).  I took to the neighbourhood which is full of pretty, well-maintained Victorian homes.  The sidewalks, houses, and trees of the area are like Dharmaprana himself, in that they’ve been around for a while and are sweet.  Yes “sweet street” might be a way to describe Roxborough Street and the safe, clean and surrounding areas where we are located.

Thank you, Dharmaprana, for the happy day.

May the Source be with you!

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