Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Burnaby, British Columbia

The Perfect Trek to Take

Adriano, from Brazil, and a host of other walking enthusiasts, joined me for a trek along Byrne Creek, a place well known as a habitat for coyotes.  Adriano is relatively new to our Krishna culture, but has been attending the Enchant sessions, in Vancouver, which are conducted by Krishna devotees.  I consider him very genuine in his pursuit of spirituality.  It’s gatherings like this, the stroll by the creek, outside of chanting sessions, where he’s seeing our more casual side.

Right alongside the walking, is talking.  They are two activities which are so compatible with one another.  The only thing that can possibly create some clumsiness in our discussion is the needed attention to where we are stepping.  The trail is not totally flat.  It’s a terrain of ups and downs, and there’s fifteen of us.  You just have to observe the presence of the persons in front of you, or the one behind you.  Single file.  There’s other people sharing the trail.  It is Sunday, after all, and the weather couldn’t be better.

I see and greet regular Canadians, Eastern Europeans, Chinese, and Hispanic folks along the way.  I see them first, since I'm taking the lead on our petite safari.  In fact, our whole team makes acknowledgement of the other trekkers through the common courtesy of saying, “Hello!  Good afternoon!  Namaste! Or Hare Krishna!”  Greeting someone with warmth in the course of the day is a yogi’s obligation.  It’s a symptom of being sattvic, even saintly.

Adriano had lunch with us and to provide him with more experience, he stuck around for the Sunday program and to view the drama presented by the Saranagati group.

May the Source be with you!

8 km

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