Thursday, 4 May 2017

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Olmsted Falls, Ohio

April Showers Give People Powers

It was great to meet Kelvin, an artist.  It was great to meet Felicia, studying to be a rabbi.  There were other new faces at Krsnanandini’s place where she and her Muslim husband, Tariq, hold kirtan gatherings on Sunday.

I led a discussion there, in Cleveland, from chapter 5, verse 18 of the Gita, which speaks about equanimity.  “Spiritually we are all equal.  Physically we are complementary.”

The gathering was composed of black, white and brown hues, of young and old, of new faces and of familiar ones.  The group liked the verse we discussed because we were diverse and yet we’re one.

After the chant, the chat and then the chaat (as in spice) our group went to the playground in the park.  Yes, young and old.  The old took to the benches for chanting.  Dancing ensued.  One chap was a great mover of limbs, torso and head.  It was a second gathering—one indoors, the second outdoors.

The weather was phenomenal, 86°F.  Leaves and blossoms were exploding with joy from rain yesterday and sun today.  It was a day for nature to show off.  Mike and Paurnamasi took me to Grand Pacific Junction, a real charmer of a place—vintage village set next to Rocky River, a haven for walking near.

Watch out for the poison ivy.  Smell the garlic mustards and the honeysuckles.  Cleveland, as a city, has lots of deciduous green.  It’s awesome!  So are the people.  We all just need to give up bad habits to be replaced by good ones.

May the Source be with you!

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