Sunday, 14 May 2017

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario


Karuna, Luv and I had a good reason to be out.  Spring is in the air.  Blossoms beckon.  Dandelions demand.  Yes, attention must be given to the colours of the season.  And the smells as well.  So we put on our stinky shoes and sauntered through Rosedale.

“It’s pretty affluent here, isn’t it?”  Luv asked.

“Yes, and it’s quite safe.  People in the neighbourhood have seen us for years.”  Then I realized I've been walking the area and claiming the territory for much longer than most people who’ve lived here.  There’s something to be said for walking a trail over time.  You feel it’s yours.  In reality it doesn’t belong to anyone, including myself.  Remotely, with Bhagavan as distant proprietor, and closely, with Paramatma as the in-dwelling person, it comes as false proprietorship to anyone who stakes claim by paper or personal presence.

In the Gita, the appropriate line that conveys the reality of the situation goes as follows: sarva-all, loka-places, maheshvara-great owner.  Sarva loka maheshvara.  This is listed as one of the items that is the component to inner peace.  Everyone is looking for peace and it will most naturally come when peace arises from within.  It begins with appreciating genuine ownership.

There is nothing you can take, or hold in your arms and walk away with, especially with regard to the body at the time of departure.

May the Source be with you!

3 km (only)

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