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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cozad, Nebraska

Touch History

The jolly farmer got off his John Deere tractor from tilling his field and came over until the ditch to the road was a barrier. He had a load of questions including “Where to?” and Where do you stay at night?”
“I have a support vehicle. The two young men, also monks, come out once in awhile to check on me and see if I'm still alive.” (Laughter!)
I asked him about this Spring’s growing season.
“I've never seen such a crappy crop in all my life.”
“I know farmers depend so much on nature and the Creator. Can I take your picture?”
“Sure!” Click!
Kelly Ninas from the Tri-City Tribune came out to see me from Cozad. He and I were standing by the road, but had to remove ourselves to make way for the trucks coming to lay new asphalt
I, with the boys, spent quite the quality time with Ellen Mortensen, of the Gothenburg Times, in the impressive little downtown of Gothenburg. I told her, as I did Kelly, that I'm walking to encourage getting back to basics and to balancing life, the physical and the spiritual. With journalists, I must always confirm I'm a Hare Krishna Monk and not a Buddhist.
Interesting about this town and Cozad is that we touched history here. The first highway in the world for automobiles, the Old Lincoln Highway, is here, at its midway point. Also in town is the original Pony Express station, established over 150 years ago. Men would carry parcels on horseback over twelve-hour shifts. Wild “Buffalo Bill” did a remarkable 320 mile stretch on one single ride. This also was a fur trading post.

May the Source be with you!

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