Monday, 22 May 2017

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Wood River, Nebraska 

The Couple

The couple were standing fairly close to each other, a bit unusual for the three of us monks to see at 4:00 a.m., as we stopped for the light en route to our starting destination for the day.  I rolled down my window to get some air and we could hear the pair actually having a serious and loud argument; not a kiss.  For myself, I was reminded because I have chosen a different lifestyle, I don't have to go through this type of entanglement.  A monk’s entanglements are of a more spiritual nature.

I met Jerry in the afternoon.  He was on his way back home to Pennsylvania.  He was pushing his bike, as the winds were too strong for peddling.  Packed onto and dangling from his bike were bags and boxes—in them his life’s possessions.  He reminded me of Johnny, whom I met by the Mississippi last summer and who was also drifting though the country, in wonder, or lost.  It’s easy to feel for such persons who are modestly displaced in society.  Johnny had slept in his vehicle during the rain storms and, after waking, noticed me.  I suggested to him a spiritual outlet.  “Try this mantra.”

Speaking of storms, does the rain and nature’s drain, the wind, ever stop?  My trekking through Grand Island, Alda and finally Wood River was met with much of this.  At the same time, response from people was most positive.  Austin, of the “Grand Island Independent” had done a great article featured today.  I received a lot of honks of approval.  Some motorists stopped.  At one point, I made a wrong turn, ended up lost, with no cell, at a truck stop, and a woman who read the article went out of her way to redirect me.  Bless her!

Our troup of three backtracked by way of the Jaladuta Express, our van, to Omaha for a sat sanga amidst torrential rains.  People were so responsive here, too.

May the Source be with you!

20 mi

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