Sunday, 28 May 2017

Friday May 26, 2017

North Platte, Nebraska

Some Changes

As the sun opens up, revealing all that is around us at pre-dawn, we can see the topography slowly changing as we head west. From flat land, we venture through a more hilly terrain, but for the most part, Hwy 30, where we walk, is flat. Some wetlands start to appear where there is the confluence of the North and South Platte Rivers.
Near North Platte, a canoer asked about my mission. It was a trucker who, earlier on, could have answered that. He heard the radio interview about my walk for wellness, both physical and spiritual. He offered me a Coca-cola. Alright, I can’t refuse to accept, though I have made a vow not to consume caffeine. In my mind, I decide I can pass it on to someone else. The can of drink was indeed cold, and it offered coolness to my hand and brow, as I rolled it over the sun-warmed areas of my head.
Tammy, from the North Platte Telegraph, agreed to meet us at the tiny airport, and there she asked many  relevant questions, not all to do with walking, but also with monastic life within a Hare Krishna context. I mentioned to her about our approach to spiritual life being from roots of an Indian origin, and our way is not the only way, just “a way.”

“Hayagriva, Marshall and I are vegetarian. No meat. No fish. No eggs. I was raised on a farm, a small family farm. We had animals including peacocks, pheasants, chickens, a cow, pigs and fields of clover. It was hard to eat the animals who you knew when they were alive.”
Tammy was full of good questions. Bless her and bless all the motorists of today, whether you honked or not, whether you waved or not, we wish you well.

May the Source be with you!

21 miles

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