Friday, 26 May 2017

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Lincoln, Nebraska

Indoor Trekking

We had to backtrack some.  Marshall and I checked into an indoor walking track at the YMCA.  For practical reasons, the three of us, including Hayagriva, could not see ourselves driving to the Kearney area 2 hours away, then back three hours to Omaha for an evening program, and then back again for the next morning’s walk.  Secondly, I just wanted to stay dry and warm, so the indoor walking track did the job.  Too much rain and cold!

At twenty-two laps you cover a mile.  That brought Marshall and I to just under two-hundred laps.  We trekked clockwise and then counter clockwise.  We also chanted on our beads, but softly, in order not to disturb the basketball players in the same room but below us.  Our track was suspended.

I contemplated all the good folks I met on the road yesterday.  Good Samaritans.  One woman offered a ride to Kearney.

“I’m trekking it out to San Francisco.”

“Well,” she said, “yah have to have faith, otherwise you don’t have anything!”

“Agreed.”  I said, but I had faith in today.

The walking went well; so did the sanga in a beautiful South Indian temple.  Great attendance and different demographics of people.

Challenges came our way after the program.  Our van, the “Jaladuta Express” doesn’t operate.  On top of that I have a serious gout attack.  Very painful this time.  With some faith all will be resolved.

May the Source be with you!

9 mi

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