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Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Vancouver, British Columbia

What Do You Think?

The topic of discussion at the Bhagavatam class was a lesson from Canto 7, given by monk, Narada, who has a large waterfall named after him in the state of Washington.  Narada is speaking to the righteous king, Yudhistir, about the impartial nature of the Divine.

The students of the academy from Saranagati Village were there to listen and to appreciate the topic on “the fairness of God.”  The major point being made was that every soul is given an equal opportunity.  This is the initial offer.  The sad element behind the disposition of equanimity displayed by the Supreme is that the independent and free-minded soul makes bad decisions.  Yes, “bad” leads to “sad.”

Indeed, some people, whom we observe, appear to have a raw deal in life—bad karma.  Somehow or other, during the process, some lifetimes ago, we all fell from grace and went onto the wrong track.  However, there is a way to redeem oneself.

“What do you think?” I asked the group from Saranagati.  “What are the steps one can take to improve one’s life?  How do you make a negative become a positive, karmically?”

Hands shot up accompanied by their answers and suggestions.

“Eat prasadam (blessed food).”

“Take up chanting with feeling.”

“Look at everyone as a soul.”

“Familiarize yourself with sastra (Vedic wisdom).”

The list could go on with:
Be fair in your dealings as God (Krishna) is fair, and it’s always more healthy to put the blame on yourself.

May the Source be with you!

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