Monday, 22 May 2017

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Aurora, Nebraska

In and Out of the Storms

Penner’s Garage in York reattached the engine shield under the “Jaladuta Express.”  The apparatus was dragging and scraping along the pavement.  We gave it immediate attention and talked to the boss of the garage.  He really liked our program, our monk mission of walking the country.  He screwed it back on, and for free.

The weather was a challenge.  Thunder storms and tornadoes ripped through much of Nebraska.  The three of us had never ever seen so many displays of lightning, sounds of thunder claps and then floods of water descending from the sky.

As the saying goes, I told the boys, “It was raining cats and dogs, and we were stepping into poodles.”  Marshall had never heard that one before.

Our new-made friend, Stephen Moseley, from the York paper, got back to me after yesterday’s interview.

“Bhaktimarga swami… By complete coincidence our Wednesday columnist, a local pastor, wrote his piece on the many benefits of walking, both physically and otherwise.  Blind luck is as effective as planning, apparently, though not as frequent…  I very much enjoyed our short time together.  Be safe.”

Steve also sent me the links to his and the pastor’s articles. and  They are excellent material for reading and encouraging the walking and prayerful culture.

I did manage nineteen miles today despite miserable conditions.  I see it as an austerity program, which is always great for the monastic life.

May the Source be with you!

19 mi

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