Monday, 22 May 2017

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Grand Island, Nebraska

It’s All In A Day

When the Bhagavad-gita, Chapter 2, addresses duality as a reality in this world, it is no joke.  We, our troupe, saw so much of it in the last three days, weather wise.  Day one, we saw sun.  Day two, we saw rain.  Day three, we saw wind.  Physically, we went through a roller-coaster.  It was hot.  It was cold.  Hail came down the size of diamonds at one point.  Hayagriva, Marshall and I met the extreme side of nature.  And there was a tornado twisting around the area, near Omaha, which was behind us.

Fun?  Yes!  Exhausting?  Yes!  Out of it, we are developing the robustness needed to continue on.

What did help to add to the fun was people—motorists honking.  Motorists stopping.  “Would you like a ride?”

“No, thank you!  I'm walking!”  And I’ll tell them why.  “No cheating.  I’ve got to walk the whole thing.”

Three newspaper reps came, from Aurora, and two from Grand Island.  To be interviewed by a Spanish paper was a first.  Norma from “Buenos Dios, Nebraska,” filmed the interview.  I could quote from the Gita and spell out the entire maha-mantra on that one.

This is big cattle country.  Monsanto.  Corn culture.  Nice people.  Llamas.  Wild rabbits.  Raccoons and possums.  A baby possum’s head was the only whole thing left after an attempted crossing of Highway 34.

At the end of the day Hemant, our motel room accomodater, served great Gujarati food.  We got to know his teens, Kajal and Akash, better, and the three of us, Hayagriva, Marshall and myself, are getting to know each other better, too.  That can’t be helped.  Our life is in the van, that is, when I'm not walking.

May the source be with you!

15 mi

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