Sunday, 11 August 2019

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Pelee Island, Ontario


Sometime at eve when the tide is low,
I shall slip my mooring and sail away,
A few who have watched me sail away
Will miss my craft from the busy bay;
But I shall have peacefully furled my sail
In moorings sheltered from storm or gale,
And greeted the friends who have sailed before,
O'er the Unknown Sea to the Unseen Shore.

The above poem was affixed to a park bench which Gaura and I sat on, when taking a break from our walk.  Life on the island has much to do with sailing, in addition to some farming which includes an expansive winery.  A group of us did in fact visit the winery, but with the full intent of purchasing and consuming some of the best grape juice on the planet.  The beverage goes under the label, Gesundheit, and it is ecstatic.

The water in the lake was also something to glorify.  A much needed time in the water with the guys did the trick to address our mental and physical peace.  The bonding between the group of us, both men and women, was precious.  At night, we all went star gazing.  Those among the group who were not aware of the Chasing the Rhinos With the Swami book by Shyamasundar soon got acquainted with it because at intervals during the activities, I would read from it about our guru's time in Auckland.

Now, going back to the poem, I am simply reminded of an image provided by Krishna in His presenting: "Even one of the senses can sweep away the intelligence like a wind diverting a boat by its sails."

May the Source be with you!
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