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Monday, August 19th, 2019

Burnaby, British Columbia

Look At the Good

I took a trek (a mild one) through the Riverside Neighbourhood with Prem. Harvest time is truly showing itself in this section of town.  There's that rich black soil bearing lots of veggies and fruits.  A great place to stroll through.

Some six hours later, Hadai brought me to the Fraser River for another installment. These shorter walks, executed periodically, make for a healthful experience in the day.  In our discussion together, we agreed that life need not be glum. We must extract all that's good out of the day—pull out the essence like a bee would do.  We also were congruous on the point of seeing the good in all and not dwelling on negative traits.  By the way the Krishna kabobs, he and partner, Mahatma, made were divine.

This is something emphasized in the talk I gave for Gordon's initiation in the evening. If you want to develop saintliness on some significant level then we must observe the positive in everyone. Acknowledge someone's worth, point it out and generate an atmosphere of good reciprocation, an atmosphere of hope, good will and encouragement.

Ananda Vrindavan is from the Phillipines, and it was a long desire of hers to have the second initiation, brahminical initiation.  She sat by the fire, next to Gordon, to take her next step in progressive thinking and being.  We can refer to Chapter 18,Verse 42 from the Bhagavad-gita for good human qualities to cultivate.

The ceremony went well, conducted by priest, Jaya Govinda.

May the Source be with you!
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